Co-Founder & Principal

Eran Suissa

Eran Suissa is a seasoned real estate professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. His career began in 2008, when he embarked on the acquisition and renovation of single-family homes, gradually growing a rental portfolio in Indianapolis. In 2009, Eran relocated to Columbus, Ohio, and established the Swiss Group, expanding his business and building a reputation as a reliable partner for investors seeking quality real estate investment opportunities. He continued to acquire and manage multifamily properties with his brother while integrating in-house property management and construction divisions into their real estate business, ensuring seamless and efficient service delivery to clients. Today, the Swiss Group is a trusted partner for a growing number of passive global investors, overseeing the acquisition of new properties, production of real estate construction services, and management of a growing multifamily portfolio. During the past year, Eran and his team ventured into ground-up development projects with other experienced developers.

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