Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common FAQs

Who can Invest?

Both accredited investors and non-accredited investors can participate and have ownership in a multifamily real estate investment. The typical minimum investment is $75,000.

We like to engage with our investors first, build a relationship, and present them with sufficient educational information to elevate their knowledge and understanding of the rewards and risks involved in real estate investing.

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What markets do you focus on?

We currently focus on investing in apartment buildings in Columbus and Central Ohio.  Our office is located here in Columbus, and all our partners are in the same office in Columbus.  We leverage our deep knowledge of our local market and local professional network resources.

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When Can I Invest?

We are continually seeking and analyzing new opportunities. We have to pass the vast majority of these deals because they don’t meet our criteria or the seller disagrees with our offer. We maintain our conservative vetting criteria and keep looking. Once we find and secure an optimal investment opportunity, we send you an email notification to notify you of the upcoming opportunity.  
We encourage you to contact us well before you plan to invest so you can learn the ins and outs of the investment opportunity so that when a good opportunity comes along, you are ready to make a timely decision. 

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What Should I Expect as an Investor?

Once you join our investor list, we set up a call to ask any questions and get to know each other. We go over our investment criteria to assure our goals of capital preservation and optimal returns. Overall, we explain all the aspects of an investment.

Once you invest, you should expect quarterly communications along with your distributions. 

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Let’s talk! Ask any questions about our services or future opportunities.