Where to Invest Your Money?

There isn’t a short answer, but there should be multiple investment vehicles in every portfolio. We believe real estate presents the best risk-reward investment option.

Why Multifamily Apartment Buildings?

We believe that Real Estate is the most valuable hard asset that anyone can have. Therefore, it must be in everyone’s portfolio one way or another. We specialize in multifamily because it is the most recession-resilient asset type and is the one we know best. You can invest in our next investment opportunity passively. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of being a landlord yet benefiting from above-average returns, extraordinary tax benefits, and an attractive risk profile.

Advantages of Investing in Multifamily Apartment Buildings

  • Sustained demand for apartment rentals as the population continues to grow
  • People will prioritize paying rent over other expenses
  • The availability of Real Estate will become scarcer in the future
  • Offers four revenue streams: cash flow, asset appreciation, loan amortization, and the tax benefit of depreciation
  • Huge tax benefits
  • Works as a hedge against inflation

Who can Invest in Real Estate?

Both accredited investors and non-accredited investors can participate and have ownership in a multifamily real estate deal. The typical minimum investment is $50,000. We like to engage with our investors first, build a relationship, and present them with sufficient educational information to elevate their understanding of the rewards and risks involved in real estate investing. Learn more about: Passive Investors, Active Investors, Passive vs. Active Investors, Sophisticated Investors, Accredited Investors, and Sophisticated vs Accredited Investors.

Important Factors to Consider When Investing in Apartment Buildings

The most crucial factors to the success of a real estate investment are the market, the team, and the deal, respectively. We are firm believers that you must know the market where you invest. For this reason, we only seek investments in areas we fully understand. It is essential to carefully analyze the economic trends and the supply and demand balance within each market. We focus on investing in apartment buildings in the market we know best, our local market, Columbus, Ohio. The next most important factor is the team. We, as your deal Sponsor, dedicate all our expertise and resources to the optimal management of the asset and the successful execution of the business plan assessed during the acquisition phase. Finally, the deal, we spend vast resources and time seeking viable investment opportunities. We analyze, and underwrite each one of them with conservative criteria and assumptions forecasting based on the latest trends. We under-promise and over-deliver with a focus on capital preservation.

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