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Our Strategy

The most critical factors to the success of a real estate investment deal are the market, the team, and the deal, respectively. We are firm believers that you must know the market where you invest. For this reason, we only seek investments in areas we fully understand. The next most crucial factor is the team; we, as your deal Sponsor, dedicate all our resources to the optimal management of the asset and the successful execution of the business plan. Finally, the deal, we spend extensive resources looking for and analyzing the right investment opportunity. One that works with our conservative assumptions always focused on capital preservation.​

The Market

A good market is the most crucial real estate investment factor. So, we stick to thriving and growing markets, as this is the foundation for a successful investment. It is essential to carefully analyze the economic trends and the supply and demand balance within each market. We currently focus on investing in apartment buildings in our local market, Columbus, Ohio.

Our Team

Our team is a powerhouse of experienced and knowledgeable real estate professionals, each with unique skill sets that complement one another perfectly. Yair Swissa is a veteran investor and real estate broker with over a decade of experience managing properties. Eran Suissa brings invaluable expertise in renovations and construction, making him a key player in our value-add strategies. Davide Formica brings a technology background and a strong track record in underwriting, having worked with various teams since early 2019. Laura Formica is an expert operator with extensive experience in property management operations, team development, and organizational strategy implementation. Together, our team is uniquely equipped to navigate the complex world of real estate investment and deliver outstanding results. Meet our Team

Property Type

We focus on class B and C multifamily properties with 50 or more units with value-add opportunities. With room to drive up the property's value to create healthy returns for our investors. We work hand in hand with our network of real estate professionals in seeking, vetting, and acquiring the right apartment building. One that meets our criteria, and we can confidently forecast a steady cash flow and appreciation during the hold period of 5 to 7 years.

Asset Management

We operate the asset for optimal returns to our investors and improve the experience for our residents by completing capital repairs laid out in the business plan revised during the acquisition process. We also stay vigilant for unforeseen black swan events that may require a strategy revision for capital preservation.

Property Management

Our firm is vertically integrated with in-house Property Management. We oversee and work in hand with our Property Management company. They are responsible for the everyday operations of the property: dealing directly with prospects and tenants, marketing, pricing rent, vetting tenants, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and pursuing evictions.


We work closely with investors, offering educational information about Real Estate Investing as passive investors so that they can make better investment decisions confidently. We provide transparent reporting, an open communication channel, property tours, and in-person access to our operations. Our investors are an essential part of our team.

Skin in the Game

We invest along side our investors.

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