Co-Founder & Principal

Yair Swissa

Yair Swissa is a successful Real Estate Broker & Investor with a reputation for his passion and expertise in the industry. His journey began in 2008 when he started acquiring single-family homes in Indianapolis. In 2009, Yair relocated to Columbus, Ohio, to expand his business and establish partnerships with investors to build a single and multifamily properties portfolio. Together with his brother, Yair continued to acquire and manage multifamily properties and integrate a range of services into their brand of companies, Swiss Group. Today, Yair is the principal broker of Swiss Realty Group and Swiss Property Management Group, where he oversees a diverse real estate portfolio, providing exceptional property management services to clients. With his vision and business acumen, Yair has earned the trust of many passive local global investors, overseeing the acquisition of new properties, producing real estate construction services, and managing a diverse real estate portfolio. Recently, Yair and his team have ventured into ground-up development projects with other experienced developers, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and growth in the industry.

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